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A Simple Guide to Beating Perfectionism

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Please Check out my Guest post on about perfectionism and how to beat it.

If there are any specific issues you are having that are keeping you from making art or enjoying the creative process, head to the contact page, I would love to hear from you.

Creativity: It’s not personal


When I look back at the albums I've written, recorded, mixed and released to the world, I feel like they are little parts of me.  When I look at Verse, Chorus, Curse, the Solo record I put out last year, I'm flooded with memories, emotions, and … [Continue reading]

The Bluebird and the Peanut


As I walked outside this morning to gulp down my coffee on our back porch I heard at sharp "THUNK."  coming from the dead orange tree in our yard.  There, perched on the biggest, deadest branch, was a fat little bluebird clutching a peanut in his … [Continue reading]

Are You an Irrational Artist? Is That A Good Thing?

Irrational Beliefs Creativity

Hey friends. I decided to take a month off of writing this blog to focus on finishing the new record with my band Ghost Shirt.  Did I feel guilty?  You bet.  Did it make me feel anxious... well... I feel anxious about not working my "weekly" blog … [Continue reading]

How to Tame the Creative Process

control creative process

  In the last few weeks I have gone from fits of holy inspiration to feeling like A.C. Slater trying to write a beach boys song (no offense Mr. Lopez).  I'm trying to rewrite the lyrics to the new Ghost Shirt record before we go in to musicol … [Continue reading]

Should Being Creative Feel Good?

Being Creative and Anxiety

  This morning when I sat down to write this blog post I had no idea what I was going to say. As I stared at the blank digital page, the curser blinking and I started to feel tense.  My body felt anxious and my mind was swarmed with … [Continue reading]

Creative Project Management Part 7: Become a Satisfied, Prolific, Creative Artist by Focusing on this One Thing

always be shipping

It's hard to let go. Last year I was finishing my first power pop album as a solo artist.  I had been "finishing" that record for over a year.  A version of a song would be recorded.  I would overdub guitars, strings, keyboards, background vocals … [Continue reading]

Creative Project Management Part 6: Why you Don’t Revise Your Art

creative rewrite

In early 2008 I was just starting out as a songwriter.  I had been playing guitar since I was 6 years old (thanks dad!) but I preferred to play Keith Richards to someone else's Mick Jagger. One bad break up (out of so many bad breakups) made … [Continue reading]

Creative Project Management Part 5: The First Draft

the first draft

The First Draft I started writing the new record for my band Ghost Shirt a few months ago. The first day I cranked out a few rough ideas but then things got negative. My resistance to sitting down and working on my art went through the roof. I made … [Continue reading]

Creative Project Management Part 4: What is the Compasionate Schedule?

creative self compassion

  What keeps a creative project moving?  How do we create momentum around our art to make sure we show up and do our best work? If you've been following the Creative Project Management Series, you've learned about new idea addiction … [Continue reading]